Connecticut Workers Compensation Attorneys

Have you been injured on the job? Work related injuries can completely turn your world upside down. Work injuries can cause physical pain, mental stress, and financial hardship to you and your family. When you are injured on the job, the reasonable expectation is to receive workers comp benefits from your employer, but sometimes this does not happen so readily.

The workers compensation lawyers at Furey, Donovan, Tracy, & Daly, P.C. have extensive experience in defense and claimant work. This gives you the edge you need in determining how best to pursue workers’ compensation benefits on your behalf.

“What is Workers’ Compensation?”

Workers’ compensation under Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Law states that if you are accidently injured during the course of employment or develop an occupational disease then you deserve compensation by means of:

  • Benefits or payments for pain and suffering
  • Coverage of all medical bills
  • Wage compensation during total or partial disability, whether it is temporary or permanent disability
  • Continued insurance coverage or welfare plan payments
  • Spousal benefits if the injury or death is due to a malicious, willful, or negligent act of another employee
  • Death benefits and funeral expenses

Connecticut Workers’ Comp Lawyers Protecting You

Unfortunately — workers’ comp cases require immediate action. So it is important that if you are injured, you need to contact the workers’ comp attorneys of Furey, Donovan, Tracy & Daly, P.C. immediately to make sure your legal rights are protected. Our workers compensation lawyers works with you from beginning to end.

  • We handle all informal, pre-formal, and formal hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  • We make sure all your workers’ compensation forms are completed properly and on time.
  • We work to get you the indemnity and medical benefits you are entitled to for a fair value workers’ compensation settlement

Trusted Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

For over 100 years we have maintained our goal to provide competent comprehensive legal representation to the community where we live and work. If you are in need of a skilled, experienced, attorney in the area of workers’ compensation law or other general law areas please call 860-589-4343 or contact one of our workers’ comp lawyers at the Connecticut law offices of Furey, Donovan, Tracy, & Daly, P.C. to schedule a free consultation.