Connecticut Wills and Estate Planning Attorneys

Wills and Estate – A Plan for Your Future

Planning for your future ensures the protection of your family and your assets. It is often a sensitive and serious issue and one that should be given careful attention for the future of your loved ones and your legacy.

The estate planning attorneys of Furey, Donovan, Tracy & Daly, P.C. practice in the areas of wills and probate law, estate planning, elder law, and trusts. We will work with you to create the best solution for your individual situation. We work with you to meet your needs and goals and meet the requirements of Connecticut probate laws.

“What is estate planning and why do I need it?”

The Connecticut probate code and probate court establishes rules for what will happen to your assets in the event of your death, as well as who may be appointed to oversee your property or to care for your minor children. These rules may seem clear and simple, but in many cases, they do not do what you might want for your family. That is when you need the help of an experienced estate attorney to protect your assets and your family.

The estate planning law firm of Furey, Donovan, Tracy & Daly, P.C. has been drafting wills, preparing estate plans, and administering trusts and estates for over 100 years. In today’s environment of ever changing and more complex elder law, probate law, trusts and estates, and gift tax law, our experience gives us the ability to craft a unique plan to meet your needs and goals based on analysis of your family situation and financial circumstances. Whether you are a family with children, business owner, retiree, senior, or person with special needs, we:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Spend time educating you about your estate planning options
  • Draft a tailored plan specific to you

Bristol, Connecticut Estate Planning Attorneys – A Plan for Every Stage of Life

At Furey, Donovan, Tracy & Daly, P.C. our skilled estate planning lawyers have years of experience. We are able to help families and individuals to:

  • Prepare wills and trusts, including living trusts, to control the disposition of property upon death, manage or avoid the probate process, and provide for management in the case of incapacity during life.
  • Prepare living wills, health care proxies, and powers of attorney to protect you in the event of subsequent incapacity or disability.
  • Use estate tax planning reduction techniques and structures to minimize the impact of state and federal gift or estate taxes
  • Create special needs trusts to provide for those with specific individual special needs.
  • Develop estate plans for second marriages or for partners in same-sex marriages.
  • Develop estate plans with special needs trusts for families with special needs children.

Probate Administration for Connecticut Estates

When it is time to probate a will, the probate attorney at Furey, Donovan, Tracy & Daly, P.C. will work with your executor, or fiduciary, or beneficiaries in all Connecticut probate courts to make sure your instructions are carried out. Because this can be a difficult time, we interact with the probate court and others on your behalf to:

  • Prepare the necessary filings in the probate court to admit a will into probate or secure letters of administration.
  • Prepare and file all probate documents required under Connecticut probate law.
  • Prepare any required state or federal estate tax returns.
  • File the necessary documentation required to make claims under life insurance policies, qualified retirement accounts or other benefit programs.
  • Assist clients in contested or litigation proceedings in probate court or appeals regarding matters such as:
  • Will contests
  • Estate accounting contests
  • Contested guardianship proceedings

Trusted Connecticut Estate Attorneys

For over 100 years we have maintained our goal to provide competent comprehensive legal representation to the community where we live and work. If you are in need of a skilled, experienced, attorney in the area of estate planning, wills, trusts, elder law or other general law areas please call 860-589-4343 to contact one of our estate lawyers at the Connecticut law firm of Furey, Donovan, Tracy, & Daly, P.C. to schedule a free consultation.

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